29 October 2009

What do you buy the vamp who has everything?

Hi, hey, hello to my new followers! It's lovely to have you here! Kick back, relax and enjoy!  ;)

Ok so there I was, behaving myself and minding my own business, for a change! Anyway, with October 31st looming upon us I figured I'd make something hallowthemed for le blog so I took Edward's advice and googled it (I do however, for the record, draw the line at eating Tofu Eddie, okay?) So I typed in "Halloween"  and a few pages in to my search, nestled between all the usual hallowcrap, Google presented me with a single picture of awesomeness! The light bulb over my head practically exploded and the excitement of my very accidental but totally amazing find made me a little giddy!

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you may recall that earlier this evening, before I got down & dirty with Google, I tweeted the following.....


It seems coincidence was to come a'knockin at my door....!

We know Robward has the hair, the girl, the family, the car, the cash, the marble god-like bod, eternal life, and a sparkly peen. So what exactly do you give him?

I'm thinking these! I mean, sure, they look mighty familar right?  But look again....closer this time......


Now bend me over and spank me in to Sunday if they are not the most badass couldnthavecustommadethembettermyself pair of Dunks you did ever see!?   

And FYI to the dudes at Nike, you guys owe me a whole truckload of fucking panties.....

28 October 2009

Meme Madness!

I was tagged in on all the fun but took my sweet time getting round to it, what with work being an ass kicker! So for those who don't yet know....


in blogspeak, an idea that is spread from blog to blog
(as defined on urban dictionary)

....thanks to Cutie for that little nugget of knowledge!

Okay, my meme answers....here goes....!

1) What is the craziest/most stupid thing you've ever done (that you would be willing to share!)?

Oh god, so many to chose from which is slightly fucking worrying! There was the time my asshole brother got me drunk and dared me to jump on to the roof of an empty outbuilding.  My fat ass went right through that badboy!!! The crazy part is though, you think that would have taught me a lesson right? Wrong! I still go drinking with my brother now and then. He let's me get friendly with Jose purely to get some entertain from my booze fueled stupidity!! The last time I drank with that bastard I ended up slipping and crashing down 2 flights of stairs.  I thought it was hysterical until I realised the motion had upset all the alcohol sloshing around in my tummy. I spent the rest of the night with my head in the fucking toilet throwing up and woke up with an imprint of the seat on my face, the hangover from hell and the ugliest goddamn bruises on all my soft fleshy parts (thighs, underarms etc).  The largest bruise was right under my left ass cheek, I couldn't sit on the toilet properly for nearly a fortnight. 

2) Fuck, Marry, Kill. With the Twilight cast.

Fuck - Such a tough question because they are all so bangable in their own right, including some of the laydees! But I choose Emmett.....I wanna demolish me a few houses with monkey man! *smirk*

Marry - Easy! My beloved, precious Edward! A whole lotta love would be made in the marital bed and cute little baby Eddies would be snapping at our heels *sigh*

Kill - Lauren fucking Mallory! Hostile, jealous, sneering bitch! She epitomises the kind of girls I had to endure throughout high school. 

3) What is your favorite band/type of music?

I love it all!! But currently All American Rejects, Kings of Leon, and The Gaslight Anthem, Bon Iver and Band of Skulls to name a few

4) What is your favorite movie besides Twilight?

I can't choose one so top 5....

Murial's Wedding
Sleepless in Seattle
Strictly Ballroom
When Harry Met Sally
Forrest Gump

5) Do your RL family/friends know you’re addicted to Twilight? And blogger?

Friends, family and even my poor long suffering colleagues know I'm "one of those Twilight people" but only 2 RL'ers know about the blog....and I kinda like it that way! Most peeps just wouldn't understand it at all....*shrug*

6) How many hours a week do you spend doing Twi related things? You know, blogging, looking at pictures of the cast, reading fan fiction, etc.

In 3 small words: A fucking lot!!!!

7) Any random fact you might want to share. Big or small, it doesn't matter

I had my tonsils out when I was 21
I crack my knuckles
Forrest Gump is one of my fave films but I can't actually watch it because I cry like a baby through the whole damn thing! People can be such cruel bastards...*sniffle*....poor Forrest! Breaks my freaking heart every time!
I have 8 tattoos
I have no allergies
I was stung by a jellyfish last summer in Turkey but managed to avoid the sneaky fuckers in Egypt this year.
Too much sleep gives me a headache
I'm 5'3
I can't fucking dance...at all.
I love tequila but it dosn't love me
I always carry a spare pair of panties in my handbag (I do not have bladder problems!)
I love watching cooking shows, esp Ina & Geoffrey, but I can't actually cook...*shrug*
My typing speed is 80-85 words per minute
I wear Spongebob Squarepants Pyjamas..

As a thank you for reading my random witterings, I herby present you with a little RobwardPorn!

Who knew science could be so damn smexy!! I'd be more than willing to re-sit biology if it was his anatomy we were studying......top marks all round, class! *wink*

You won't need that microscope to see my peen!

25 October 2009

Sentiments & Sunday Catch Up!

Happy Sunday folks!

RL has been kicking my ass hard this week and Emancipation Proclaimation has been owning it!

So time to announce the winner of my giveaway! Thank you to the 7 lovely ladies entered, but alas only 1 could win, which saddens me as all your captions were more than shirt-worthy!

I popped all the names in to my Beanie of Wonder.....


.....and plucked one from the wooliness with my peepers closed.....


Congratulations to the one and only Cutie over at Super Secret Twilight Blog! To see her kinky caption along with the other 6 fantastical entries go here - well worth a minute of your time and guaranteed to give you the giggles!!

Cutie if you email me we can get down to business ;)

Now, I'm not ashamed to confess that I can never get enough RobPorn *smirk* and love nothing more than getting my daily picfix on, but I am slightly embarrassed to admit that every now and then I'll see a picture that makes me feel a bit strange. By strange I'm not talkin over-excited ovaries, trembling thighs and a quivering faloolah,  but a lump in my throat mingled with a shudder of pleasure, dumbstruck awe, a bit of sadness and the overwhelming urge to say out loud the little pet name that I secretly decided suited him about 2 weeks ago! *blush*

So for today (and only today) I'm saying fuck it! I'm giving in to that urge! I'm not all cussing, hormones & exploding panties! Its true! *sigh* I'm all squishy at heart, so I'm going to show you some of la mia bella ragazzo.....










*sigh* Like I said....la mia bella ragazzo....

Sources -
Thinking of Rob
Robert Pattinson Source

18 October 2009

And FINALLY.......!!!!!!!!


Motherfucking squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is all!!  ;)

17 October 2009

Goodie Giveaway!

Who doesn't love Friday!!!! And that fuckhawt new RobOnTheRugPorn!  Hips, hands, happy trail, plaid, fluffy rugs, sex hair, come-to-bed eyes, an a teasing glimpse of his undies.  That Batman t-shirt does crazy things to me....fuck....! Right, smexy time over, let's get down to business.... 

So I'm pretty sure you're all familiar with CafePress. If not, why not and shame on you!  They have the absolute shizz in Twilight merch, all of which is designed by fellow Twi-crazy fans!  It's so fantastical, in fact,  that I fear my pimping skilz cannot do it justice so click here and the magical treasures shall be revealed in all their glory!

Now the super Golda sent me a very lovely email to let me know that she had enjoyed visiting my blog *blush* and that she would like to give me the opportunity to offer a giveaway contest to you guys! So, because I heart you all lots, that is exactly what I am going to do! One lucky reader will win a speshal treasure all of their very own - a Twilight t-shirt of your choice from CafePress! In order to find your perfect tee you will need stamina, strong coffee, hours of free time (because fuck do they have choices) and most importantly, the following link....

Now for the rules! *smirk* To enter, all you need to do is haul ass to the comment section of this post.  In there you will need to put 2 very important things. They are....

1. The link to your favorite tee. This will be the shirt you get should you win, so choose wisely my pretties!  

2.  A caption to this very naughty boy!!


No restrictions here other than just 1 caption per person please :D  I will be deciding the winner next Saturday (24th) by picking a name from my beanie hat!  Technical? Nope. Fair? Very. 

Play nice laydees! *wink*

15 October 2009

You wanted more....

...and who am I to deny you your urges! Apparently my script-fuckery was enjoyed so I decided to dish out a lil more for your delight!





Firstly, a super quick note to my new followers - Thank you!!! Your awesome & I'm touched :D And to the rest of the gang - big freakin umbrellas for everyone! <3 You are all the sex!

14 October 2009

Twilight re-scripted....by Bex!

Just for once, I wanted things done MY way! *smirk*




That is all! :p

12 October 2009

Interview With The Mistress

Hey ya'll! It's me, Smutty!! The ever-lovely Bex has invited me to pop in on her blog from time to time and spread the smutty goodness. And, while I'm all about the pop-in, I thought the first order of business should include an interview. Not just for my own indulgent nosey self gratification but also to give ya'll a peek at all of Bex's wonderment. And if we get really lucky, maybe she'll show us a lil more of that wonderment at a later date. *wiggles eyebrows*

So, without further ado, lets get it on!

Smutty: So Bex, why do you feel infinite today?
Bex: Because life is too short to hold back… :)
Smutty: I knew I lovered you for a reason ;)
Bex: Wait a minute....you mean it wasn't for my fuckhawt body and winning personality? *looks hurt*
Smutty: *sigh* ok, you got me there, it was your bubbly personality coupled with the most adorable toes and Mistress-hawt red toenail polish.....and I don't even have a foot fetish so that should speak volumes! But this isn't about me, so, back to you.

Smutty: What is your all time favourite fanfic?
Bex: Ooooh! It's a joint winner…
Buried Under The Begonias by Durty Nelly - I'm a total sucker for Masen…*shudder* and....Clipped Wings & Inked Armor by HunterHunting - I absolutely love Tattward to death! I would bake & feed him a million cupcakes in exchange for a new tattoo and some kinky piercings……amongst other things *wink*
Smutty: Both excellent choices! This leads me to an unscripted question.....if you could have any piercing regardless of pain or shyness during administration of said-piercing, what would you get done? And another follow up question, clearly you are inked, do you have any ideas for your next masterpiece?
Bex: Thanks - it was tough to choose! If I could get anything pierced it would be my nipple and my kitty ;) And I have actually been giving serious consideration to one of those! I am indeed inked, (7 in total) and planning to add more so I'm toying with a few ideas at the moment, namely a phoenix on my left foot or maybe some Latin…
Smutty: You know eventually you will need to add pictures of all this fucktastic ink, right?
Bex: Only if your takin them ;) *cough*Nekked shoot*cough*

Smutty: When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thought that comes to mind?
Bex: "I don't want to get up!!!!" I'm not a morning person at all! Especially early mornings!
Smutty: Very few people like mornings and those who do I have grave concerns over their mental health..
Bex: So, I'm not mental right? Well shit that's a relief!
Smutty: No more mental than the rest of us Love *wink*

Smutty: You call yourself the Mistress, this would lead one to believe you are Dominant in nature, ever considered being submissive?
Bex: I do have the odd Dom moment but in truth I'm actually so submissive it's laughable! *shameface*
Smutty: Hehehe, your secret is safe with me...
Bex: *whispers* But Smuts....you just told like everyone dude! Pass me the Ray Bans, I can't been seen like this!

Smutty: Please, that shade of red does amazing things for your complexion!

Smutty: What color is your favourite hoodie?
Bex: Black & Pink *grin*
Smutty: Hoodies make the world a better place *smiles warmly at Bex*
Bex: *goofy grin* Yes they do! Everyone should own at least one...except me...I own about 30...and If I went on one of those makeover shows the fuckers would have to cut me out of it with a chainsaw - I refuse to give it up! Unless of course Rob wants to peel it off.....*eyes glaze over*
Smutty: Oh Rob....*eyes glass over while images of Rob peeling hoodies off Bex flash through my mind*

Smutty: Do you bite your ice cream or just lick it?
Bex: I lick…..thoroughly *smirk*
Smutty: *note to self, Bex is not a nibbler* Very interesting Bex, no teeth? Ever?
Bex: Well...between you an me...it has been known...y'know? So yeah....
Smutty: *jaw hits floor* Alrighty then, lets move on to a less suggestive question...

Smutty: What is your best childhood memory?
Bex: Weekends with my grandparents - they are my 2 most favourite people in the whole world. But winning the Easter Bonnet competition when I was 5 years old was pretty cool too! I actually won 3 years running cos my mum made the most awesome hats! She rocks! The photos are fucking embarrassing though!
Smutty: I think you should consider sharing these photos. OH! Which brings me to my next unplanned question, your readers want to know, what the fuck is up with Banana-gate?!
Bex: Because I am willing to humiliate myself for everyone's entertainment I have shared said photographic evidence.....I hope you all enjoy a very good laugh at my expense. Heckle and you will regret it!
Lil Bex

Bex: And banana-gate involved my Friend Troodee, a stranger (maybe more than 1) and a peeled banana! That’s all I can say.....for now...!

Smutty: Yeah, I'm gonna need more from you on that one, maybe not here or now, but eventually, you are going to need to purge that story for the rest of us to relish, just sayin...

Smutty: Have you ever crawled through a window?
Bex: Yes I have! *grin* That was when I could fit through one because my ass was smaller and I had no boobs!
Smutty: A girl hasn’t lived until she has crawled through a window *sighs and looks out window reminiscing her youth* Who's window was it? *wink*
Bex: The son of a policeman no less! *blush* but never mind my window sneaking, I wanna know who's window were you creepy-creeping through!
Smutty: Look Bex, I'm the one asking the questions today, mmkay? *wink*

Smutty: Favorite smells?
Bex: Freesias, the smell in the tattoo shop, Suntan lotion, my brother's cooking, coconut, and a just-showered guy. Yum!
Smutty: Mmmmmm, tattoo shop, Tattward, ok, where were we?
Bex: Tattooed Tattward....tattooing me...touching my.......sorry what?
Smutty: Yeah, time to move on to the next question before we have to cut this lil interview short and bust out the Rabbit!
Bex: *gulp*

Smutty: Favourite book out of the Twilight series?
Bex: New Moon comes pretty damn close but It's always been Twilight for me!
Smutty: Yes, Twilight was the beginning of all of it. If Midnight Sun is ever released, would Twilight still be your favourite?
Bex: Exactly, that’s why I love it - the beginning of it all for B & E and the beginning of it all for me! *sentimental* Y'know I think it would...I truly love that book...*sniffle*

Smutty: What is your biggest pet peeve?
Bex: Umm…lack of manners! They cost nothing and a little please/thank you goes a loooong way!
Smutty: I have to agree with you there. Nothing makes me want to tell someone to fuck their mother more than a lack of manners. And that says a lot coming from a crass offensive potty mouthed she-devil. *wink*
Bex: *snort* If you say please and thank you then that more than entitles you to say fuck, shit, bastard etc and generally throw profanities and expletives about, so it serves the asstards right! An I can say that cos I haz manners!

Smutty: Have you ever been in a physical altercation?
Bex: Would you believe only once! I was 11 and it was with a girl called Amanda who lived 5 doors down. She rode her bike in to my shin (the bitch!) so I pulled her hair and slapped her across the face!
Smutty: *claps hands then high-fives Bex* Good for you!!
Bex: It reminds me of that song…. "I didn't slap you I just high-fived your face" which is all I did to her….technically! *shrug*

Smutty: Sweet or savoury?
Bex: Sweet wins out every time for me! I lust over dessert menus! *blush* I'm amazed I have no fillings and all my own teeth actually!
Smutty: You lust over them, so it wouldn't be too far fetched to say a Bex fantasy would include sweets?
Bex: *squirms in her chair* Uh...I'd say that’s a pretty fair & accurate assumption yeah...*turns a funny shade of red*
Smutty: Hmmm, we may need to come back to this in a later post...

Smutty: If you could have one super power, what would it be?
Bex: I've thought long and hard on this, and decided the ability to make hot guys appear in my bed whenever I like would be….useful ;)
Smutty: Useful? Interesting choice of words *wiggles eyebrows*
Bex: Well I mean, I might need the bed springs oiled....or the headboard tested...all perfectly innocent!! We're not all Durty Gurty’s y'know! *whistles*
Smutty: Actually Bex, yes, we are all Durty Gurty's, some of us just aren’t out of the closet yet. *eyes Bex suspiciously*

Smutty: What is your favourite kind of chocolate?
Bex: The kind that can be melted on to Rpattz and then licked off him….slowly…..uhh…..
Smutty: *fans self* Can we get some chocolate in here? NOW?!
Bex: I don’t think we need to wait for the chocolate....*smirk*
Smutty: Aaahh, I thinky our sweet lil Bex in coming out of the smutty closet *rubs hands together*

Smutty: If I gave you an elephant, where would you hide it?
Bex: Under my bed!
Smutty: That must be one hell of a bed there Bex! Room enough for "company"?
Bex: Well depends who’s joining......*wiggles eyebrows*
Smutty: *makes note to apply for passport this week*

Smutty: Do you think the bad acting in Twilight was due to the lack of talent of the actors themselves or the lack of direction from Catherine Hardwicke? (yeah, I asked the question, suck it)
Bex: Ooo I may be hunted down and shot if I don't answer this correctly right? Ok well, fuck it, here goes….
I think a little from both camps! I think Catherine gave the actors a lot of freedom with their roles which is great but perhaps should have been directional to some extent in order to deliver the characters we were expecting i.e. the ones from the book that had already been established so well. But whichever way she did that it she would have inevitably never pleased everyone because we all have our own ideas of how they should be. We love them and know them inside out so we must be a hard audience to please! (Thinking back here to the uproar when they announced RPattz would play Edward). I'm stoked that the cast have been given the chance to grow in to their roles by filming New Moon & Eclipse. The small budget was complained about a lot but I feel a good director should be able to work with that and make the best of what they have. Don't get me wrong, I totally love the film but it's not without those moments where you just want to cringe at the acting! And from what I have seen of the trailers I think Summit made good in choosing Chris Weitz - I really think it's going to be beautiful ……!
Smutty: Couldn't agree more
Bex: I waffled...I’m sorry...please wake up!!
Smutty: Never make apologies for your responses when someone asks your opinion. Mmmkay?

Smutty: If you could re-experience one thing in your life, what would it be?
Bex: If you mean re-experience as in to do over differently then I would have kissed him when I had the chance. Re-experience as in do it again because it was so good the first time - start my blog and meet all you lovely laydees all over again!!
Smutty: Now you have opened yourself up to further questions there Ms. Bex! Who was this young man? How long ago was this? Where is said-man now?
Bex: Jesus Smuts, you said interview not interrogation, don’t get your panties in a bunch! One at a time! He was.... let’s call him H....and it was 2001......and said-man is still around, still in touch regularly and still a fine piece of ass.....! *bites lip*
Smutty: Dollface, my panties stay in a bunch, gives me the much needed friction throughout the day *wink*
Bex: TMI Smutters, TMI….*shakes head*
Smutty: Aww, nothing better than a lil Twilight-obsessed bonding *runs over to Bex and tackles her with a Emmett-sized bear hug*
Bex: *squeek* I lovers you but group hug...? Anyone....? Someone...? Help...? *gasps for air* I think I’m turning purple down here!
Smutty: I am all about some group hug!! *runs to Bex and squeezes her in a kung foo grip hug*

10 October 2009

Fuckalicious Friday!

Happy freaking Friday lovelies!! The weekend is here! Unwind time is upon me! I plan to get up late, shower, eat, and generally do a whole lot of nothing whilst wearing no bra! Don't look at me like that! Its so not my fault I have breasticles that hate being reigned in! They just want to be comfy ...*sigh*

Firstly and most importantly....I have 10 followers!! Double figures! *happy dance*  Welcome to the madness SBGDGT! Thank you for wanting to read me!

So this week in brief...

I got very excited about lunch times.  Trufax according to sjAimee who by the way owes me a HUGE pie. Sugary appley goodness = epic win!

It's rained every day but one. Shitty and typical English weather.

Amazon.co.uk have got 30 second previews of the songs from the New Moon Soundtrack. Impressed.  For now. Would prefer Rob to be shipped home for a little U.K lovin...*pout*

I laughed so hard I cried today.  In fact I laughed so hard I think I almost died - my sides split, I temporarily lost the ability to breath and I nearly peed my pants.  It involved my BFF Trudi & an unfortunate incident with a banana - 'nuff said. *snorts*

And lastly....because it's Friday, and because I love you, and because you love Rob....

Um...I'm not so sure you'll need that name card Spunk....

Aw babyfaced and snuggly-hoody-huggable...

An appearance of my beloved Sex Hair *sigh*

"Look in to my eyes Bex" Well jeez I'd fuckin love to, but I actually really wanna stroke your hair right about now..

Black & White beautiful...

An overwhelming urge to kiss you forever and ever...

Source - The very totally lovely itsjustme513 of RobMusement.  Don't be fridgid, go give her a kiss or 10! ;)

Enjoy your weekends!

9 October 2009

It's my party & I'll cry if I want to.....

Yes - Today is 9th October and I feel anxious. For 2 reasons.  As you may have already guessed, I am going enlighten you on these! Lets begin at the beginning shall we....?


Right, if waiting for NM tickets to go on sale was able to give you blue balls then mine would have turned purple, dropped off and abandoned me by now! Seriously! 3 large local cinemas.  Not so much as a sniff of a freaking ticket. The longer it takes the more impatient I get which then makes it feel like its taking even longer than it already is by which point I'm a pissy bitch!  I took the liberty of signing up for an email alert so that the lovely cinema people can get off their ass and notify me when they go on sale.  I'm waiting.......still.....*sigh*  So God if your listening dude.....I promise to stop dropping the f-bomb a lot and eating all the cake if you can speed things up a little....much appreciated....*nod*

And secondly....

Jeez, this is almost like a bad break up...cos...y'know...there's like no other way to say this than honestly so...*deep breath* 


*exhales* Okaaaay. Roughly translated, that means I'm feeling very aware of the fact that I'm probably not going to be able to keep my shit together during the break up scene....or Bella's aftermath.....or the dash to Volterra.....or the warm & fuzzies at the end.  "But your a grown woman, you should know better!" I hear you cry! I know! And yes it's probably kinda pathetic of me and I really should be so totally ashamed at the thought that I mortify some sense in to myself.  But bend me over and spank me silly if I don't cry like a little bitch in that cinema! I guess all I can do is be prepared like any sensible woman.  Kleenex will be coming along, and whilst  I would very much like to think my little outburst of emotion would be controlled and ladylike.....

And so that's how I ended up getting jiggy with Mike Newton

....deep down I know its actually going to be more like....

What the f**k do you mean Edward Cullen leaves!?!?

A totally unabashed, snotty, loud, embarassing, child scaring and generally messy grief stricken sob-fest....*shrug* But what's a girl to do! Am I still piss-my-freaking-pants-counting-down-the-endless-days excited? Well what the fuck do you think! ;) 

4 October 2009

Bad, wicked, naughty thoughts...

Because my mind is totally in the RobGutter right now and I feel it may not be wise for me to sleep on him it, I share this lil cheeky with you.....*sigh*

Comfy spot

So it has! Well fancy that! It would be awfully rude to refuse you ;)

Sunday adventures with Mini Ed

I love Sundays, so lazy and chill, so me & Mini E hung out today. He forgave me for the filthy implication I threw his way previously and we had a cool day.......

The little guy woke me up with favorite "breakfast" ...

We had a lil snuggle....

Then it was time for a drink, but he hates the stairs so he hitched a ride with me....

There was a little accident with the water...

So we opted for a cappucino instead....he makes a mean coffee!

Shower time came, so I turned my back for just a minute only to find the dirty boy snooping through my underwear drawer! FireCrotch warned me of this....

I managed to keep his filthy little mitts off my undies by getting him to fix my twinklies - it was a successful distraction!

But then he got a little clingy and insisted on riding with me so I kept the little dude safe & snug in my hoodie, although I got a little pissed when he said I reminded him of a Mummy Kangaroo with a pouch!

He made it up to me by cracking open the indoor sparklers...

Now it's bedtime - he's all worn out so maybe I'll tuck him in....

He needs all the sleep he can get, tomorrow will be my first day in my new role at work and I'm a little nervous! He's coming along to hold my hand....

So goodnight from Mini E and me!

3 October 2009

Smexy, Scary & Spongey!

Now if your partial to a bit of sexy then I highly, highly recommend that you pay the lovely Mrs Vanquish a visit over at her blog and check out her latest post.....the video is.....*thud*.  Mrs V is a real sweetheart so leave her some much deserved love! :D

So I applied for a promotion at work.  Friday was a good day for me - they told me I got it! Feeling excited and piss-my-pants scared all at the same time! Kick off is Monday and I'm sure it's gonna be a baptism of fire!

And finally the Spongey.......
Poking about on YouTube I found this and couldn't help but think of a little tweetversation that occured between myself, Bitches & SmuttierThanYou!  My inner child made me post it! Sing along if you dare!

1 October 2009

Snuggle round the bonfire..

Happy October!

Apparently my brain can't do articulate, witty, funny, or awake right about now! It's turned around, given me the finger and said "fuck off until tomorrow!"  Although it can rather unsurprisingly manage horny-hot-and-bothered where RobPorn incentives are involved!

So tonight I'm keeping it short and sweet with some of my current favorite slowies.  Close your eyes, kick back and reminisce a little. But before you do.....

....the last song I have chosen is (rather aptly!) "The English Way" and is one of my absolute most adored.  You can just imagine my squeeing delight when I YouTubed it for posting and discovered the little gem below! A magical combination for me! If you are Amcas, Bitches, Cutie, FireCrotch, Marie, sjAimee, Mrs Vanquish or SmuttierThanYou then it is hereby dedicated to you. Why? Because you all know that things just arn't the same without a little Twilight, and I know that things would not be the same without any of you.... *MWAH!* <3

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