30 August 2009

Submissive Sundays

Well who knew! My dark side is apparently a whole fuck-load darker than I thought!

I love how Sunday is such a chill day.....you can mooch about without feeling an ounce of guilt. Fuck, you don't even have to get dressed!! *Yawns & stretches* For the record however I am showered, dressed and fed....I just plan to do nothing! Except partake in a trip to the movies tonight! But until then I am going to sit here and wonder where the strange pain in my left ass cheek/thigh has come from!  If I didn't know better I'd say DurtyNelly unleashed Masen on me last night *smirk* but sadly I think it's just wishful thinking...*pout*. The uber lovely DN is penning 2 of the most freaking fantastical reads for which I would marry her tomorrow! You can check them out here and here but please be sure to heed her warning before you continue.

And Durty, if you are reading this my sweet then :-

Firstly - Last night's bedtime read was S & N.  Holy shit I'm freaking hooked and loving it!!!
Secondly - Thank you for BATB update *squeal*  Princess/Demon teamwork has me keyed up!
Thirdly (& most importantly) - I'll beg & grovel on my knees for a few hours with Masen! *blush*

*wanders off in search of a very cold shower*

27 August 2009

Suck, Sucky and Suckier!

Today was the shittiest of shitty days!! Hopefully that means tomorrow won't go the same way *sigh* Heeeeeeuge dose of RPattzinol needed I think....in fact just a freakin hug would suffice.... from anyone...*pout* That lovely brother of mine loves me at least - he made me us kick-ass curry! Num num num!!

I have however been re-named by Troodles as "Rebecca Cruella Florentina Bertie Sharp"....I have no idea why, or what the hell she was on at the time, but it seems like good juice!! *wanders off in search of said juice*  

Bed for this grumpy beetch and to the laundry for my much loved blue stripey jumper!

26 August 2009

Happy Hump Day!

So we are half way through what is apparently going to be one of those fucking weeks! *sigh*  I'll confess - I've been snacking to pass the time *hangs head in shame* but the comments are now working!! I resisted the cake reward and doubled up on RobPorn instead! Mmm…….*eyes glaze over*. Ooo so yes, speaking of which, the mega-lovely Fire Crotch and Bitches *waves* very kindly popped my comment cherry last night! Thank you ladies - how was it for you? *chuckle*

For your mild entertainment, and in a bid to make Bitches actually pee her pants this time, I have cobbled together some BWP! (British Word Porn). A random selection….

Argy-bargy - pushing, shoving and fighting.
Bog roll - Roll of toilet paper
Cack-Handed - Clumsy (me!)
Chuffed - Proud, satisfied, pleased
Cock-up - Error, mistake (and "mildly vulgar" according to Wiki!)
Codswallop - Much the same as bollocks but less rude...(and so in my book less effective!)
Feck - Mild expletive, an alternative to fuck including fecker, fecking, etc. (A personal fave of mine, and "vulgar" according to Wiki!) 
Fringe - Slang for bangs (as in hair)
Get off with - To partake in passionate kissing and fondling (with RPattz?! *hyperventilates*) 
Higgledy Piggledy - All over the place, untidy, scatty
Knickers - Girl's/women's underpants...(I prefer "Undercrackers" personally)
Loo - Toilet (This word is a huge British favourite!)
Lurgy - An imaginary illness allegedly passed on by touch (perfect as an excuse to avoid people!)
Mardy or Mardy Bum - A grumpy, moody person (me when the alarm goes off! Also a personal fave of mine)
Minger or Minging - Ugly, dirty, generally gross!
Pleb - Quite simply means Idiot!
Pukka - Good, tasty, spot on

Enjoy dropping those in to random conversations for maximum effect! But now I'm tired and hungry and stopping at P! Lesson over for today class.....detention for you Mr Pattinson *wickedness*

25 August 2009


My comments don't work! *sniffle* Now I will never know if anyone blog-loves me or wants to me my friend...*bites lip*

I'll fix the freakin thing! And if successful shall reward myself with cake and some RobPorn from the vair lubberly Amcas *wave* over at Why Not?... 

On the topic of Hawt-Rob,  I took the liberty of adorning my office book case with some sex hair and cheeky chest-fluff exposure


My working week is now a hell of a lot schmexier!!! I also feel some boredom killing post-it captions brewing...! Stay posted ;o) (boom boom!)

Is it today again already?

Ok so the indecisive weather is freaking annoying to say the least! All I want to know is should it be flip flops or shoes!? It’s not like I'm asking for much *sigh* I could be greedy and submit my demands for a shiny silver volvo with Mr P splayed out on the bonnet, wearing only his bestest birthday suit, beckoning to me with come to bed eyes and cooing…."shall I show you the engine Bex…?" Hell yes! Is it impolite to ask about the dipstick...? *smutty chuckles*

Crappy weather aside, I have taken it upon myself to proclaim today as *drumroll purlease* ……."Tunetastic Tuesday!"…because lets face it, there ain't much else 'tastic about it! Also just because I felt like it, and I'm entitled to take the odd liberty every now and then! *cheesy grin*

So on the theme of today here are the 10 tunes that are currently living at the top of my playlist…(in no particular order)

Rise Up Rabbit Heart - Florence & The Machine
Cross My Heart - Marianas Trench
Sunshine - All American Rejects
Vampire - People In Planes
Lights Go Down - Shorelines End
All Around Me - Flyleaf
Wolf Like Me - TV On The Radio
Dark Blue - Jack's Mannequin
I Know What I am - Band Of Skulls
Masquerade - Roe

Random thought 1 - I should make myself a schmexy banner/button to promote my blog no?
Random thought 2 - I reeeeeeally fancy a pasty for lunch!

Enjoy! Sadly I hear a grindstone calling for my nose!

24 August 2009

Mondays - Mind blowingly butt numbing!

Hm...2 posts in 1 day! Rude not to christen the blog though, seeing as it will be my outlet for some rather random witterings! I like to think of it as my "creative safe haven" *mwuaha* There is a writer in here somewhere (see previous dodgy vocab!).......my college tutor said so, annnnnd my Nat Dip proved it! Well....up to a point!

Poor Blogger, I anticipate it getting a damn good bashing at somepoint *sigh*

As for the mucho hawt RPattz, a damn good bashing is not what I would give him! Num num num!! Speaking of which; a few weeks ago I managed to lose approx 4 days of my so called life. "How" I hear you cry? Well let me tell thee! I started reading "Wide Awake" which is, funnily enough, exactly how it left me! Penned by AG, It's doubtful that whatever I say here will do its amazingness any justice so all I will say is if you are an open minded, warm blooded Twilight fan you need to go here, get comfy and commence what will be an eye opening & fantastical read! Be warned however that you do need to be 18+ as the content is gloriously adult! Perhaps not for the faint of heart/easily offended and minors most defnately need to jog on!! Sowwies!

Now, should you feel bereft (I cried *sniffle*) after reading the immense 52 chapters then help is at hand from Cutie over at the Super Secret Twilight Blog. Ooodles of chapter discussions, fun facts, and pee-your-pants-funny captioned pics will see you right and you can learn lots about the lovely Cutie too!

Cutie, if you're reading this - I'm on a wish-mission for a bakery that sells  "Double Raspberry Walnut My Boyfriend Is So Fucking Skilled That He Got Me Off Through My Jeans With One Hand Cherry Chocolate Chip Delights." ;o)

Introductions and all that jazz!

If you are reading this then you have somehow managed to stumble, most likely by accident I suspect, in to the madness that is/will be my blog. Now your thinking "Oh Shit!". First impressions have always been (and will always be) sucky to do but I love a challenge so I'm willing to share my bare essentials. You are of course free to run, screaming as you go. But it could be warm n cosy if you stayed - sounds kinda nice huh? :o)

Rebecca to few, Becky to most, Bex to my bestest lovely people!  My birthday makes me an Aries & 80's child...it also makes me 25 (ouch!) Born, bred and living in Devon. Clotted cream, tractors, the...unique(!) accent and crazy farmers - oooo aaarr!

My job - it's not life saving or world changing but it's mine and I love it.

My friends & family - All highly amazing people, my constants, who continue to enrich my life every single day for which I love them trillions.

I love my iPhone, Edward Cullen, cake, night times, the casual look, lots of colours, optimists, my inner child, winter, my tattoos, mum's apple pie, being a deep sleeper, flip flops, big smiles, my converse all stars, travelling, stand up comedy, glitter and sparkly things, the smell of suntan lotion, photographs, my dad's crap jokes, pyjamas, a good book/song/film and Twilight!

I hate marmite, being poorly, queue jumpers, confrontation, fish (eating & swimming with!) soap operas, pessimists, information overloads, jelly, narrow minds, constant complainers, bugs, Sudoku, spam emails, bad hygiene, the always-eternal wait at baggage reclaim, noisy eaters, being interrupted, cold callers, men in speedos, shower radios, people who repeat themselves and raw carrot.

So this is me! One of a kind & gladly unique; made up of odd little quirks, moments of madness, some regrets, boundless love, a wicked streak, a glass heart, an endless amount of hope, a laid back nature, a hot temper, a healthy curiosity, bucketfuls of good humour, a few flaws, some kind of faith, a mild insanity, overwhelming passion, strong spirit, a sunny outlook, an open mind, pearls of wisdom, impulsive tendancies, mistakes I made and lessons I learned. By no means perfect and pleased as punch about it!

I don't bite so please say hello if your passing through because I'm a social little doughnut! Robsessed and a total Twi Addict I'll talk Twilight until the cows come home! Although being a "mature" fan, I cannot promise clean, cuss-free blogs!

If you got this far then you have survived my first blog post, which is no mean freakin feat! I urge you to stick it out......who knows, you might like it!
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