3 February 2010

Meg goes topperless!

I'm back bitches!!!! No your eyes do not decieve you, it's really me! Super sowwies for the lack of bloggage, things have been busy and messy and just generally a bit crazy but I hope I can be forgiven...pleasers?

So today's agenda *taps clipboard* Let us begin with the "Box of Joy".

Today was......well quite frankly shit ,to say the least! However upon arriving home on this cold, dark, rainy, typically British eve, I discovered a box waiting for me from my Meg. Now the aptly dubbed Box of Joy was an expected but much anticipated arrival.


It all began back in December when she blogged about her Christmas tree and it's spanky decorations here

Scrolling down, something beautimous & sparkly caught my eye (no, it wasn't Edward!) It was one of Meg's magnificant home made crafty creations, which we swiftly dubbed the "Rob Topper"...


So Christmas was over and the tree got burned, but what was the fate of the Rob Topper? What became of it? ....



Thats right sweeties, it was mailed, with love, to meeeeee!!! I admired it from afar and so it embarked on an atlantic journey, travelling for thousand's of miles.  But it did not wander lonely as a cloud, oh no! It arrived with companions!!


Noms & New Moon merch!!!

For those of you who spotted the Toblerone above; it was sent as token of our mutual love for the amazing  "Emancipation Proclaimation" (a fiction by kharizzmatik) Those who have read or are reading it will understand the significance of the very triangular choc *grin*

And the best for last......serious! Custom shirts!!!


Home made shirt just for Bexy #1.  Yes, I love spanks and yes Meg & I have a Batcave........ 


....for dastardly plotting and general fuckery ;)
Annnnnnnnd on to Home made shirt just for Bexy #2 which has a smexin front.....


....and a very spesh word on the back.....(which was made up and tweeted in a moment of madness by myself!)


A jizzity word and a jizzity pic on a jizzity shirt! It doesn't get any jizzier than that!!!!

So thank you Meggles.  For my Box of Joy, and for being my friend, my cupmegcake.  You are the color safe bleach to my especially gold shorts and I love your Southern ass!! Lit'rally.....<3


SmuttierThanYou said...

Meg is Love....what an awesome care package!!

Meg said...

YAY!!! I was so worried it wouldn't get there in one piece. Especially since I totally lied on the customs forms. Shhhhh....don't tell anyone.

Hooray for the RobTopper. That is all. :-)

Meg said...

P.S. It's really fucking annoying me that the letters aren't straight in the spanking shirt. Sorry. I'm left handed and was quite possibly drunk when I made it.

marie said...

Bahahahaha!!! That is great!!! And Meg, you are wonderful!

Sue said...

I am hereby thoroughly jealous! ;)

bierbeck said...

That is fantastic!!!! Meg you are super special! I LOVE shirt #1. Bex you are one lucky girl:)

Shiny Volvo Owner said...

Awesome presents!!
But... Did anyone else notice that they now have Bex's address??
Anyone up for sending her many things? Hehe :P
Love you bexxy *ebil grin*

Stan said...

Aww, fabby pressie! xx

Ninja TwiNerd said...

Wonderfulness! I am envious.

KinTheFlo said...

oh such a box of joy! wow! what bestie she is for sending it to you! sweeeeeet

uhyesplease said...

oh - i love this!! yeah for boxes of JOY!!!! WTG MEG!

Anonymous said...

I want a package like that too!! (thats what she said)


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