20 February 2010

Beware! This post contains shameless self-pimping!!


For those of you who don't know already, I have entered my first fic contest! I was a little daunted at the prospect, however the chosen contest topic of "FML" really was too much for me to resist and so I penned my one shot entry - "High risk heavy petting: The dangers of dry humping!"  The lovely Yogagal, Zigster, Chicklette and SorceressCirce are MC'ing the contest over at FanFiction.net and you can find out all the info here .

If you would like to read my entry, you can find it on my FanFiction.net profile here.  It can also be found in the contest community here along with all the other entries. To skip all the fandango and go straight to the story then just click here

Due to a whopping 70 entries, the voting will be dones as follows.....

  • 18th February to 24th February - First Round of Open Voting featuring 35 stories 

  • 25th February to 3rd March - Second Round of Open Voting featuring 35 stories 

  • 4th March to 10 March - Final Round of Open Voting featuring twenty stories (the top ten from each of the preliminary rounds)
My story will feature in the second round of open voting, the dates for which are 25th February - 3rd March 

I have some tough judges to impress in the JSR (Judge's Selection Round) and would be super happy just to make it through to the final round of open voting, so I will be keeping my fingers & toes tightly crossed! And maybe my legs for extra luck! ;)

If you'd like to vote for me then you can do it by visiting the contest's profile page over at FanFiction.net, which is here between 25th February - 3rd March.  To place your vote just use the poll at the very top of the page.  Easy peasy right? :)

And that, my pretties, is the end of my indulgent self pimping, my frequent "here" links and my shameless abuse of the bold function!

Oh, and for any peoples reading this who are confused, or perhaps not so in the know, FML means Fuck my life....

So yo yo yiggtty fucking yo!

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